dSED: A Database for Sediment Early Diagenesis

dSED is a searchable collection of information about sediment processes. It was designed to help in conceptualization and implementation of  sediment models. It describes chemical reactions, as well as physical and biological transport processes, and provides information about their rates and possible parameterizations. The database is described in the article

S. Katsev
, D.G. Rancourt, and I. L’Heureux (2004) dSED: A database tool for modeling sediment early diagenesis, Computers & Geosciences 30, 959-967. (PDF).

dSED is implemented in Microsoft Access (typically distributed with MS Office Pro).

             Download dSED (~7Mb)
             Download dSED manual (pdf)

For questions, please contact me at skatsev "at" d.umn.edu.

(c) Sergei Katsev