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The Gilbert Munger Web Site

by Michael D. Schroeder

This site documents the life and works of the American landscape painter Gilbert Munger [1837 - 1903]. The primary content of the site is a catalog that presents all known paintings, drawings, and etchings by Munger and a document archive that presents period documentation by and about the artist.

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Other resources

The book Gilbert Munger: Quest for Distinction, with 74 full color plates, is available from the publisher and from Amazon. A book review appeared in The Journal of American Culture. An excerpt is posted on the Web.

Articles in the October 2004 issue of the AMERICAN ART REVIEW and the July 2003 issue of THE MAGAZINE ANTIQUES summarize Munger's life and illustrate his work.

The Lake Marian article in The St.Louis Co. (Minnesota) Historical Society Newsletter contains details on Munger's paintings of Overland Lake in Nevada.


This site is supported by the Tweed Museum of Art at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The Tweed has the largest collection of Munger paintings.

Version 1 of this site was introduced 1 September 1999. Version 2 was introduced on 7 December 2018.


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