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Students Advised

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Burroughs, John (1985) "Classification and Regression Trees"
Pernat, Scott (1994) "Tests for Proportional Means in Toxicology" (with K. James)
Tera Carpenter (1999) "A Comparison of Quality of Life For Rural vs. Urban Cancer Patients"
Clay Swanson (2001) "Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Capture-Recapture Analysis"

Undergraduate Honors Projects
Cotter, Anne (1985) "Statistical Analysis of Spike Train Activity"
Hauser, Marcia (1986) "An Explanation and Application of Tobit, Probit and Logistic Regression"
Gangnon, Ronald (1992) "A Comparison of the ACT Math Exam and the Math Placement Exam"

Deppa, Brant (1994) Optimal Designs for Smoothing.

M.S.Thesis Option
Scheuer, Gretchen (1992) Statistical Models for Junior High Students

M.S. Project Option
Deppa, Brant (1989) Variance Function Estimation in Calibration
Barnidge, Phyllis (1991) Kernel Regression
Clevenger, Joe (1992) The Development of Horticultural Products Using Linear
     Programming and Mixture Regression Techniques
Luo, Keyang (1995) Statistical Analysis of Phytolith Assemblages
Zheng, Leijun (1995) Probit Analysis and EM Algorithm for Mixed Models
McRae, Scott (1995) Mixed Models in Analysis of Variance
Haugen, Renee (1996) Longitudinal Data Analysis
Wang, Fujun (1998) Exact Computation for Capture-Recapture Estimation
Pu, Jingsu (1998) Series Approximations for Assessing Bias of Capture-Recapture
Decker, Paul (1999) Estimating Distances from Responses with Missing Time Points
Huang, Xiaohong (2000) Effects of Variable Radiation on Computations for Photosynthesis
Haller, Irina (2000) An Inverse Model of Geostrophyc Circulation in Western Lake
Shu, Jie (2000) Rasch Models of Heterogeneous Catchability in Capture-Recapture
Liu, Xuan (2001) Two Problems in Modeling Tree Growth
Shi, Qun (2005) Allergic Response Curve Analysis Using a Four-parameter Logistic Model
Kahler, Heather (2005) Performance of Core-Plus mathematics Project Students on the ACT
     Mathematics Test
Breckenridge, Rachel (2006) Modeling Owl Observations with Vegetative Land Cover:
     A Study of Spatially Distributed Data with Repeated Visits"
Jones, Jason (2006) Photogrammetry of High School Cross Country Skiers
Swintek, Joe (2007) Bayesian Analysis of an Owl Census
Crenna, Randi (2007)
Mather, Richard (2007) An Experimental Design methodology for a Function-Structural
      Tree Simulation Model
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