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The Office was a like any typical one in a University, small cramped and full of desks, computers and areas for editors to work on their articles and newspaper designs. Mike had remembered seeing each desk for the different parts of the Newspaper, with a computer, table and chair for each. The different parts of the paper included; News, Sports, Entertainment, Humor, Campus Life and Opinions.There was also a desk for the Editor in Chief, who would approve every page of the newspaper before they would go to print. Mike also noticed that there were multiple clocks on the walls of the office, something he figured was necessary, in a place were time was so important. To many people it looked like just an ordinary space, while to him if looked like a corporation.



The clock on the wall red 7:05 and the continuous ticks of the second hand flowed smoothly with the continuous twitch of his leg. Mike rolled up his sleeve and checked his own watch; a present from his girlfriend last Christmas. The sliver watch shined under the dim lights of the news office, the same yet duller shine that he remembered seeing as he viewed it next to the brightly lit Christmas Tree. A gift he had wanted but really saw no need for. For most of his life time wasn’t an issue, it was an unimportant event that he never felt really influenced him. Mike thought to himself about how odd it was for him, a person always on the go and always busy to not really have worry about time. Was it strange that he had noticed this occurrence at this moment or was he just wasting it? He looked at his watch again; it was five minutes slower then the one on the wall. He ignored the dilemma and went back to his article.