Math 1024 ---HONORS

Click here for a copy of the syllabus. Note that I updated it on Feb. 4, 2014.

Week of...

January 20-24

XXX Introduction

Ch. 1: Urban Services

January 27-31

Cold Weather/Class Canceled

Ch. 2: Business Efficiency

Writing Project Day
February 3-7

Writing Project Day

Ch. 3: Planning and Scheduling

Ch. 3: Planning and Scheduling

Ch. 4: Linear Programming

February 10-14 Work the Problems that were assigned on Friday

Ch. 4 Linear Programming (the transportation problems)

Writing Project Day
February 17-21

Finish up the Writing Projects

Ch. 9: Voting

Ch.9 Voting

No Class-- Snow Day


February 24-28

Ch. 10 Voting

Writing Project Day

Finish Writing Projects

March 3-7

Work Sample Problems

Work Sample Problems

Work Sample Problems

March 10-14

Midterm (also collected writing project)

Ch. 5 Exploring Data

Page 200: 9, 13, 21, 34, 39

Ch. 6 Exploring Data

Page 230: 9, 11, 28b, 35, 40

March 17-21

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

March 24-28 In Class, Writing Project Day

Finished writing projects

Ch. 7 Data for Decisions

Finished ch. 7

Page 270: 7, 38, 42

Ch. 8 Probability

March 31-April 4

Ch. 8 Probability

Page 315: 5, 15, 20-30

Go through Problems

Snow Day -- No Class.

April 7-11

Probability Experiment

Probability Problems

16.1 Check Digits

Pg. 595: 1-13 odd, 14, 18, 21, 23

April 14-18

Work Check Digit Problems

Gave out a Writng Project***

Ch. 13 Fair Division

Pg. 476: 1, 3, 11

Gave out final writing project and take-home part of the final (see note with final)

Writing Project Day***

Ch. 13 Money

April 21-25 Money Money No class. (Web assignment given on mortgages-- counts as a writing project)
April 28-May 2 Apportionment Geometry Writing Project Day
May 5-9 Review Review Review

***For this writing project, I asked that you read one of 4 articles that I provided. If you were absent, you can get the links to the articles from Page 599 of the textbook, under suggested readings. They ar ethe fitst four articles by Gallian. On Friday, April 18, I will have students present one new thing they learned from the article.


Final: Monday, May 12 at 8:00 (Writing project due and take-home part of final due)