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2014 WGSS Senior Seminar Students

Senior Seminar Students 2014

Congratulations to Geraldine Gomes Hughes for winning the Linda Larson Commission for Women Staff Woman of the Year Award 2014!

The Linda Larson Commission for Women Woman of the Year Award was created in 2002 to honor women at UMD who exemplify going above and beyond to benefit women at UMD. Following in the legacy of Linda Larson, recipients of this award are making a difference in the lives of women at UMD and in the greater Duluth community. Their contributions to women have long-lasting impact for favorable climate change. Thanks to Geraldine, former WGSS staff member, for all her amazing work!



Women's Studies is the interdisciplinary study of women's roles, experience, expression, and lives nationally and transnationally, as well as the study of the intersectionality of gender with race, class, sexuality, nation, religion, ethnicity, ability, and age. With liberation, justice, and equity issues as central concerns; Women's Studies engages in scholarly feminist inquiry both of the knowledge generated by other academic disciplines, and of societal institutions and processes, and explores the possibilities of feminist transformation of these.

We have a new department title!

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies.