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UMD Viz Lab News

The UMD Viz Lab is home to a number of presentations, lectures and workshops during the entire year. From research presentations to information about technology available to the UMD community, continue checking our Facebook or UMD Events Calendar for updated information.

New 3D Printer

We have recently started printing on our new Form1. Made by Formlabs, this printer uses stereolithography (a fancy word for lasers and mirrors) to harden a photoreactive resin. This technology produced a highly precise and accurate 3D print, creating features as small as 300 microns (0.012 inches) and a layer thickness as small as 25 microns (0.001 inches).

Speed Research

Three researchers have five minutes to describe their work with ten minutes of Q & A following. This series spotlights our university community researchers. It is an opportunity to become aware of our interdisciplinary cultural capital and to get supportive ideas and suggestions from our colleagues. The format will be an overview or demonstration followed by informal discussion.

Sessions are once a month during the school year. All are held in the Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab, 154 Marshall Performing Arts Center. No registration is required and UMD faculty, staff, and students are encouraged and welcome to attend. Just show up! For those that can't make it, we stream the presentation live here, where it is available to watch for two weeks.

MMAD Lab Nearing Completion

Drywall being installed in October.


Concrete was poured September 12th!


Construction began Summer 2013. Read more about the I3 award below.

The I3 Award

Infrastructure Investment Initiative (I3) Award

An interdisciplinary group of researchers in the Viz lab (Morris Levy, Biomechanics-HPER; Joellyn Rock, Art + Design; Thomas Isbell, Theater; Robert Feyen, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Peter Willemsen, Computer Science) has been awarded an Infrastructure Investment Initiative (I3) grant for research investment in the Viz lab.

A 3D motion capture and high definition video production video production studio will be constructed over a period of five years. Equipped with a multiple camera shooting space, cyclorama and backdrops, studio lighting and sound booth, this high definition video production and motion capture studio will foster faculty collaboration and research in biomechanics, ergonomics, animation, performing arts and computer generated virtual environments research. The Viz Lab will continue its long-standing record of research support, while expanding with new and emerging technology.

The next evolution of the Viz lab will bring exciting opportunites for new interdisciplinary research, creative activity, and pedagogical strategies. The grant funds activites that involve faculty from theater, digital arts, exercise science, mechanical engineering, and computer science.

(more on the I3 Award)


Short film, Philip Pearlstein: Naked Vision

Jen Dietrich, assistant professor, Department of Art and Design, and Sarah Nitschke's documentary short film, Philip Pearlstein: Naked Vision, will be screened at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival in Sebastopol, Calif. from March 18-20, 2011 and also at the 2011 Durango International Film Festival (Colorado).

Eyeo Festival 2013

Lisa Fitzpatrick and Dustin Thompson attended the 2013 Eyeo Fesitval at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Eyeo is emerging as one of the worlds leading data visualization events.

From the Eyeo Website

"It’s an exciting time to be interested in art, interaction, and information. The way we experience all three is changing. The way all three interact and overlap is evolving. Access to data and tools continues to enter new realms. What data is—is changing; It’s a social media feed, it’s a physical sensor, it’s a house plant, a novel, it’s open access to oceans of digitized archives and more and more APIs. What can we do with all this data? What can’t we do? Artists, designers and coders build and bend technology and give us a glimpse into what’s possible, into what’s next. Ones and zeros float all around us just waiting to deliver the next new interaction. The Eyeo Festival brings together the most intriguing and exciting people in these arenas today."
Visit the Eyeo website..