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Mathematics Learning Laboratory

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in an effort to redesign developmental mathematics courses, will begin phase one of a mathematics emporium by opening the Mathematics Learning Laboratory in the fall. Using the space that currently holds the Tutoring Center, we will remodel the space to include 30-40 permanent computers as well as a more open area with tables for holding 20-30 student owned laptops. This space will also allow for increased cooperative learning.

Increasing numbers of students need developmental courses in mathematics. Research shows that the lecture approach to developmental mathematics courses is rarely successful. We are following a national trend in making these changes, and will serve a large number of students, eventually over 1000.

The Mathematics Learning Laboratory offers both web-based materials and instructor support. Lectures are replaced with students working at a semi-self-pace, which allows for more individualized instruction. Because there is a wider range of abilities in the lower level courses, this method caters to the needs of each student; allowing students to move more quickly through topics that are not as difficult for them and then focus more time on topics that they are struggling with and allowing the instructors to provide students with the assistance they need to be successful with the course. Students will be successful at developmental mathematics if they successfully work lots of problems. The on-line material, along with a guided notebook, and instructor presence combines significant opportunities for working problems, and removes the frustration aspect of getting stuck without help available.

Phase one of our Mathematics Learning Laboratory moves all of our sections of Math 1005: College Algebra into this format. Future phases will involve other courses, as well as opening up the structure to allow for additional self-pacing on the students’ part, which will eventually lead to students being able to successfully and effectively use the Mathematics Learning Laboratory at whatever point of remediation is needed.



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