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Description of Space Usage Categories

*Unused Space *Space unassigned, undergoing alteration, or unfinished
*Classrooms *Space scheduled for classes not requiring special equipment for student use and rooms
used as an extension of such classrooms.
*Laboratories *Space scheduled for call requiring special purpose equipment for student use and rooms used as
an extension of such laboratories.
*Office Space *Space used by faculty, graduate assistants, staff and clerical; including rooms used for
office-related activities.
*Study Facilities *Reading/study rooms, bookshelf space and processing room for library personnel.
*Special Use Facilities *Armory, athletic/physical education space, audio/visual radio, TV, clinic (non-health),
demonstration rooms, field building, animal quarters and green house.
*General Use Facilities *Assembly, exhibition, food facility, lounge, merchandising facility, recreation, meeting rooms
and locker rooms.
*Support Facilities *Data processing/computer rooms, shop, warehouse, vehicle storage, central food stores and
central laundry.
*Health Care *Patient areas, surgery, treatment room, supply room and public waiting room.
*Residential *Dormitories, apartments and house.
*Non-Assignable Areas *Public circulation areas, custodial rooms, public toilets and mechanical areas.

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