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 Assessment of Student Learning

CASL - September 2, 2011

Present:  John Schwetman, Shannon Godsey, Ted Schoen, Jim Klueg, Brandy Hoffman, Mick McComber, Eric Musselman, Richard Davis, Julia Williams, Molly Harney, Jackie Millslagle, Jeni Eltink.

Excused:  Wayne Jesswein

This was the kickoff meeting for 2011-12 and started with introductions, a brief history of CASL, and the premise behind its "re-vamping."  With one minor change (inclusion of 'or co-curricular' in 4th bullet item), the charge to CASL was accepted. 

Shannon reviewed the annual reporting process that occurred during last academic year, including how CASL participated in the synthesis that led to the institutional annual report.  The process of synthesizing results pointed to some gaps in questions on the report form; the GRIP report submission form has been revised and Shannon reviewed the new form. 

The 2011-11 report focused on institutional outcomes 1, 7 and 9.  This year, outcomes 3, 5, and 6 will be the focus of the institutional report. 

From her meetings with programs about assessment results, Shannon summarized that (1) there was good work accomplished; (2) the work will result in some revisions of outcomes and assessment plans; but (3) there was not significant evidence of conversation about student learning and the role assessment plays.  Her observation was that the conversations would have been more beneficial had they been between and among programs.  As a result of this, and from ideas picked up from assessment conferences, we will introduce a peer review process this fall semester.   Peer Review will result in an "assessment of assessment," and will provide an opportunity for cross-discipline sharing of the assessment work in our programs.  A draft rubric that will be used for peer review was presented and CASL members participated in its revision; a new draft will be circulated for final revisions before it is distributed to program liaisons prior to submission of annual reports. 

The assessment budget was reviewed with the main conversation around how to best use funds for professional development.  With approximately $30,000 available, there was consensus that half be contributed to broader campus initiatives related to course re-design, and half be used for other activities within programs.  Guidelines will be prepared for review and approval at the next meeting.  The application process should include requirements for sharing the results of the activity, and how the results will be sustained.

Shannon reviewed plans for a Liberal Education assessment pilot project using two categories:  Humanities; and Logic and Quantitative Reasoning.  Department heads have been asked to send names of faculty who will teach courses in each category; these faculty will be invited to participate in professional learning communities charged with confirming category outcomes and designing a common assessment.  The groups will meet during October and November; artifacts will be collected during spring semester.  Humanities courses will use ePortfolio for data collection; Logic and Quantitative Reasoning will be paper-based.  Day-long workshops for each group will be held on May 30 and 31 to evaluate the process.

Agenda item #6 was postponed to the next meeting.  Jackie called attention to 2 handouts related to this item in the meeting folder that should be reviewed before the Sept. 13 meeting. 

Calendar dates were reviewed: 

    • Assessment Forum – 3-5 pm, September 19 and 20, Griggs Center
    • Liaison Training, 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-3:00, Friday, September 16, Griggs Center
    • Program Report Peer Review, 8:00-11:30 or 1:00-4:30, Friday, November 11, Griggs Center
    • Fall semester CASL meetings, Friday, noon-1:30 p.m., Kirby 333
      • September 23 
      • October 14
      • November 4
      • December 2
      • December 16

Jackie Millslagle, recorder


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