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 Assessment of Student Learning

CASL - 19 September 2012

CASL—19 September 2012

Present: Shannon Godsey, John Schwetman, Jeni Eltink, Jerry Pepper, Jim Klueg, Julia Williams, Tracy Bolen, Richard Davis, Dana Lindaman.

Excused: Mick McComber

Dana Lindaman joined the group after agreeing to act as the Assessment Liaison for Liberal Education (LE-PAL).

CASL reviewed the 2011-12 peer review rubric in preparation for the 2012-13 peer review session on November 16.  Suggestions were made to provide more detail in the directions and add a question about benchmarking to the end of the rubric.  The rubric will be sent to all PALs with the report questions and tips based on results from last year’s peer review.

Group members discussed design and content of the HLC Assessment Academy Results Forum Poster due on October 1, 2012.  Suggestions included centering the poster with UMD SLOs with a visual representation of the assessment cycle and examples surrounding them.  Future assessment activities will also be included.

Shannon presented the following results from the 2011-12 peer review (rubric) to lead discussion about possible professional development opportunities.

    • Learning outcomes statements—10% (of programs “at standard”)
    • Alignment of measure to outcome—33%
    • Assessment results—40%
    • Meaningful faculty/staff/student involvement—10%
    • Use of analysis—23%
    • Connection to UMD SLOs—30%

There was a recommendation to share these results and an update on the process for assessment in Liberal Education with Deans, Directors and Department Heads.  The number of new faculty serving as PALs was noted and recommended as a target audience for professional development events.  Final staff development plans will be made following the peer review in November.  Suggestions included: a day of several workshops geared toward specific audiences run by Susan Hatfield—assessment consultant and HLC Academy mentor; Marilee Bresciani—assessment consultant who will focus on student learning, satisfaction and effectiveness assessment (shared with Student Life; Charlie Blaich—Director of the Wabash Center for Inquiry and author of the Wabash Study.  Having a solid plan to build in-house expertise following the speaker visit was highly recommended.

Jerry led discussion regarding student involvement in the assessment process beginning with the questions: Do they know what it is? Are they invested? Do they need to be invested?  What kind of strategies or involvement would give students a voice in the assessment process?  Shannon shared an example from Hope College where students are asked to identify what they have learned in their courses.  Dana suggested sharing a template for how faculty could ask students these questions if they choose to.  Julia suggested a qualitative focus group activity with specific student populations.  Jerry recommended suggesting an assessment article to the Statesman.

There was further discussion about how to share information learned in the Assessment in Liberal Education Pilot with a larger campus population.  The LE-PAL is the first step in attempting to carry the information forward.

Dates to remember:

  • Reports (DUE OCTOBER 15)
  • HLC Results Forum (November 7-9)
  • Peer review (NOVEMBER 16; 9am and 1pm)


Shannon Godsey (recorder)

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