Academic Administration

CASL - March 23, 2011

Present:  Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Jerry Pepper, Bruce Munson, Wayne Jessewein

Excused: Julie Westlund, Arden Weaver, John Schwetman, Nik Hassan, Julie Ernst,

Absent:  Curt Phillips

Shannon reported on the meetings with program faculty to date (discussing annual reports). 

There was general discussion about timing of a campus forum to provide general update information, re-iterate assessment for student learning philosophy, and to explain the pilot liberal education project.   Members agreed that a concise, but informative email update should be done this spring, announcing a campus forum in the second week of fall semester.  Dates will be announced in the email update. 

Jackie announced that an assessment budget for FY12 has been approved, allowing 75% buyout for Shannon for next academic year. 

Jackie circulated a copy of the description of CASL that is currently on our web site and asked for conversation around (1) membership; and (2) charge.  Originally, CASL was advising on the assessment system; Jackie feels more need for leadership in promoting a culture of assessment for improvement of learning.  Jackie will draft changes based on input and will bring a proposal to the next meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, recorder