Academic Administration

CASL - February 22, 2011

Present:  Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Jerry Pepper, Julie Westlund, Arden Weaver

Excused: John Schwetman, Nik Hassan, Julie Ernst, Bruce Munson, Wayne Jessewein

Absent:  Curt Phillips

Shannon reported on the meetings with program faculty to date (discussing annual reports). 

Jackie, Shannon and Jerry presented a proposal for liberal education assessment (summarized below).  After discussion, CASL endorsed the proposal.  Jackie will present the idea to the Council of Deans before moving forward.

 Fall 2011 – run 2 conversations


 Spring 2012 - Participants should commit to providing artifacts during spring semester

 Summer 2012  – workshop – faculty (number to be determined) from each conversation group test the methods to assess artifacts. 

 Participation –

Jackie Millslagle, recorder