Academic Administration

CASL -- December 19, 2008

Present:  Wayne Jesswein, Arden Weaver, Stan Burns, Geoff Bell, Jackie Millslagle. 

Note:  This meeting had been rescheduled, and subsequently, college meetings presented conflicts.  Several members not present had forwarded input prior to the meeting.

  1. No additional changes or additions to the assessment planning web page.
  2. Brief clarifications were made to the implementation timeline.
  3. After discussion, the Guide for Developing SLOs was modified slightly.
  4. Jackie will modify the program list to reflect the AASCB program assessment vs. assessment by individual majors.
  5. It was the general consensus that programs should not be required to teach to all institutional objectives, but that the objectives be considered as program assessment plans are developed. 
  6. Council members provided minor changes to the draft responses to the HLC Academy questions. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder