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 Assessment of Student Learning

CASL - December 16, 2011


Present:  Shannon Godsey, Jackie Millslagle, Jim Klueg, Mick McComber, Richard Davis, Wayne Jesswein, John Schwetman, Jeni Eltink, Julia Williams.

Excused:  Brandy Lee Hoffman, Ted Schoen, Molly Minkkinen, Eric Musselman

The draft Annual Assessment Report had been circulated with the agenda.  When finalized, it will be submitted to Administration, EPC, and then posted to the assessment web page.  There were no significant changes noted; final input should be sent to Jackie by December 23. In conversation around the report, the issue of alignment with SLOs was mentioned; we need to analyze that participation question on the report for further discussion. 

Highlights from the annual report were used as the basis for the semi-annual HLC Academy update.  Jackie circulated a draft and asked for confirmation of planned activities for spring semester which included   liberal educaton pilots; policy and procedures document; targeted consulting; discussion of portfolio and capstone courses.  The third part of the update related to how we will evaluate our project; CASL members provided input. 

The draft assessment tools for the liberal education pilots had been circulated and Shannon asked for input on some questions raised by about the tools.  Both pilot groups will use the same method; faculty teaching courses in the respective categories will be invited to participate.   Members felt Deans and department heads should be asked to support the pilot. 

There was consensus to host opportunities for faculty discussion during at least the first half of spring semester.  A question will be posted, notes shared, with a new or expanded question to evolve. The same question will be considered at two different time opportunities: Noon on Wednesdays, and 11:00 a.m. Thursdays.  Jackie will make arrangements.   John also discussed an idea for conversation among PALs within a college; he will pursue the idea in his college.

Spring meeting schedule will stay at noon on Fridays; beverages will be provided. 

Jackie circulated information about the President's Alliance, an initiative sponsored by the New Leadership Alliance. Organized to lead and support voluntary and cooperative efforts to move the higher education community towards gathering, reporting on, and using evidence to improve student learning in American undergraduate education.  It was the consensus of CASL that it will provide an opportunity for collaboration with other institutions, as well as a framework for continued development of UMD's system.  Members will review the materials circulated and have further discussion in spring. 


Jackie Millslagle, recorder

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