Academic Administration

CASL - December 1, 2010

Present:  John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Bruce Munson,Wayne Jessewein, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Jerry Pepper, Julie Westlund, Arden Weaver, Julie Ernst, Nik Hassan

Excused: Bilin Tsai, Curt Phillips

The entire meeting was dedicated to discussion of the process of review of program annual reports.  The steps include:

  1. Initial review by 2 CASL members using the Assessment Review Summary
  2. All reports from a program will be combined and scored using an assessment rubric.
  3. Shannon, Mary and/or Jackie, along with associate dean or other CASL member, will meet with the program liaison and/or department head and/or faculty and staff of the program to discuss the assessment process.   

Most reports have been reviewed by one person; they will be divided and circulated to CASL members for the second review. 

Several concerns/issues were noted with the current annual report form:

CASL recommended that the next update to liaisons go out to the entire campus to keep everyone aware of assessment work and encourage thinking before the next round of data collection.

Jackie Millslagle, recorder