Academic Administration

CASL - November 2, 2010

Present:  John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Bruce Munson,Wayne Jessewein, Nik Hassan, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Jerry Pepper, Julie Westlund, Arden Weaver

Excused: Bilin Tsai, Julie Ernst, Curt Phillips

The full meeting was used to review and dsicuss annual reports.  Success was noted with the number of reports submitted and indications of conversations occurring.  Weaknesses noted around the depth of the reports and the kind of information submitted.  Members noted it could be related to how the questions were asked; the character limit we placed on responses; and in a few cases, lack of engagement with the process.  Nik suggested a reporting system that drew out more information.  For example, in describing the assessment, users could check from a list, such as, survey, test, quiz, project, internship evaluation, etc.  And then based on those responses, further delineate for the responder the kind of information we were seeking.  This would require more programming in the GrIp system. 

Question:  what do we tell programs that report 100% meeting standards?  Program should be advised to raise the bar; "spiral up" our expectations. 

Jackie/Shannon/Mary will review the comments from CASL members and attempt to develop an instrument that can be used to provide consistent feedback to the programs. 

Jackie Millslagle, recorder