Academic Administration

CASL - Oct. 13, 2009

Present: Geoff Bell, Jackie Millslagle, Bruce Munson, Jerry Pepper, Shannon Godsey, Wayne Jesswein, John Schwetman, Michelle Hatcher, Mary Keenan, Julie Westlund.

Excused:  Donn Branstrator, Curt Philips, Arden Weaver

Jackie reported that concern raised about assessment planning based on outcomes that were not yet considered by Campus Assembly hadprompted a change in deadlines for submission of Steps 1 and 2; implementation timeline was changed and November 20 is the deadline for both.

Shannon reviewed a list of questions that have come up in her work with faculty/staff groups. After discussion by the group, these are clarifying statements about process.

Shannon also noted that a repeat of the ePortfolio workshops, including strategies and sampling, might be needed as programs think more about measures.

There was lengthy discussion of a draft of the annual report template, including:

Shannon will provide a sample of what she would submit in the template; Jackie will attempt another draft.

Julie explained a proposal from SDAT to "connect" to program coordinators; generally, CASL not in favor. There was discussion of the role of these individuals, and agreed that "liaison" might be a better term. Jackie agreed to draft something to describe/define the rolw, the benefits, who might serve, etc.

Jackie and Mary noted some confusion between 'program evaluation' and 'assessment of learning' and will put some descriptive language at an appropriate place on web pages.

Agenda item on follow-up studies (Julie Westlund) postponed to next meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder.