Academic Administration

CASL - October 6, 2010

Present:  John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Bruce Munson,Wayne Jessewein, Nik Hassan, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle, Shannon Godsey

Excused:  Mary Keenan, Bilin Tsai, Jerry Pepper, Julie Ernst, Julie Westlund

Absent:  Arden Weaver, Curt Phillips

Shannon reported on problems and progress with annual report submission.  Minor discrepancies with assessment plan details and reports to be filed are being fixed as they are reported.  She reviewed the reports received to date, by college.  The GRIP login will be added to the Assessment web page navigation panel. 

The regular update to liaisons will go out on Monday and will include information on workshops for fall semester.  Based on feedback at the end of assessment workshops, workshops are being planned on rubrics and ePortfolio.  ePortfolio overview is scheduled for October 29 and November 1, and will be followed with training for individuals and/or small groups depending on needs of participants. 

Shannon distributed a summary of outcomes mapped to each of the nine UMD student learning outcomes.  There will be an annual report for each program outcome mapped to a campus outcome.  After review, the decision was made that CASL will synthesize and review results of assessments of three UMD student learning outcomes in 2010:

Three questions were raised for discussion.


Jackie Millslagle, recorder