Academic Administration

CASL - Sept. 15, 2009

Present: Geoff Bell, Mary Keenan, Jackie Millslagle, Bruce Munson, Jerry Pepper, Julie Westlund, Shannon Godsey, Wayne Jesswein, Arden Weaver, Curt Philips, John Schwetman, Michelle Hatcher.

Excused:  Donn Branstrator, Stan Burns

Council discussed a semantics question from Julie:  "Students will be able to...." vs. "Students will....." The concensus/understanding was that the shorter "Students will..." should be used in the case where actual assessment will be conducted, where the outcome is measurable at the moment.  "Students will be able to..." is more appropriate for higher level objectives.  Jackie will apply this language to documents dealing with campus outcomes, and we would expect to see the shorter "Students will..." used with program outcomes. 

The remainder of the meeting was a working session on the CASL presentation on September 23. 

Next meeting is October 13 at 3:00 p.m. in Kirby 355-57.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder.