Academic Administration

CASL - Sept. 22, 2010

Present:  Jerry Pepper, John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Julie Ernst, Wayne Jessewein, Nik Hassan, Sue Darge, Julie Westlund, Jackie Millslagle, Mary Keenan, Shannon Godsey.    

Excused:  Bilin Tsai, Bruce Munson

Absent:  Arden Weaver, Curt Phillips

Information items

Routing of Annual Reports

CASL published (web pages) timeline for assessment includes a timeline for approval of annual reports by the dean and/or vice chancellor.  The online submission form cannot be routed, so liaisons will be asked to provide a printed copy of the annual report to their dean/vice chancellor after submitting the report.  If there is disagreement, deans and/or vice chancellor can request that the report be edited and re-submitted. 

Liberal Education Assessment

Jackie discussed the development of scenarios that represent possible assessment plans for courses approved for a specific liberal education category, and the guidelines reflected by the scenarios.  She also suggested that the guidelines could be used by a cross-disciplinary group of faculty in an effort to develop consistent assessment within a LE category.  The ensuing discussion raised the issue of how many procedures we want to establish for assessment during the liberal education implementation process.  Jackie reminded the group that a commitment had been made to provide information about the assessment process prior to the liberal education proposal process.  After much discussion, there was agreement that we rescind this commitment and instead commit to a pilot assessment development process during spring 2011.  Jackie will draft a letter to the campus to include rationale and plan of action.

Which outcomes will we analyze this year?

The data (circulated with the agenda) on numbers of assessments that map to each institutional outcome was questioned.  Jackie will get updated information for the next meeting. 

Assessment Budget

Jackie reviewed the assessment budget for 2010-11, specifically funds available for consultants and grants.  CASL members should encourage proposals for these funds, and an reminder will be sent to liaisons. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder