Academic Administration

CASL - Sept. 8, 2010

Present:  Jerry Pepper, John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Donn Brandstrator, Julie Ernst, Wayne Jessewein, Arden Weaver, Curt Phillips, Sue Darge, Julie Westlund, Jackie Millslagle, Mary Keenan, Shannon Godsey, Bilin Tsai. 

Excused:  Bruce Munson

Bi-weekly meetings were set for Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m., starting September 22 until the end of the semester.  Bilin has a conflict, but will get regular updates from Jackie. 

Mary and Shannon spoke briefly on possible workshop topics requested on the survey that was part of the evaluation of summer assessment workshops (ePortfolio, Rubrics, How to use data, How to write surveys, Capstone experiences).  Send ideas and feedback directly to Mary or Shannon.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing options for assessment of learning in liberal education courses.  Three options were presented.  The first had been discussed at the August meeting.  The second was a modification of Option 1 that grouped LE categories for assessment in a three-year cycle.  The main concern with this option was that two years lapse between data collection might contribute to lagging efforts.  On the other hand, it was pointed out that departments shouldn’t be collecting every year, but have at least a year’s time to use the feedback and information gained from the assessment. 

The third option would not use the outcomes written for liberal education, but would have individual courses identify a UMD outcome as the focus of the course.  A concern raised with this option was the perception that the purpose of liberal education might be questioned if there are no specific outcomes, although many institutions design a core curriculum that addressed institutional outcomes directly. 

After considerable discussion on the 3 options, it was determined that Option 1 be further defined, including specific directions to departments aimed at how the model could be accomplished in an efficient manner.  Jackie will work on revisions and circulated electronically for input before the next meeting.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder