Academic Administration

CASL - August 2, 2010

Present: Jerry Pepper, Bruce Munson, Michele Hatcher, Mary Keenan, Shannon Godsey, Stan Burns, and Jackie Millslagle. 

No summer meetings had been scheduled, but this meeting was called to get input on a proposed assessment plan for liberal education.  The Liberal Education Implementation Group (LEIG) had asked that an assessment plan be identified before faculty/departments began submitting proposals for including courses in the liberal education package. 

The group began by reviewing the latest version of outcomes that had been developed by faculty/staff groups, but with some revisions by LEIG.  There was concern abvout the writing outcome that referred to an "acceptable level of error;" and the discrepancy between the category named Environmental Sustainability, but with outcomes referencing social, economic and environmental sustainability.  Both concerns will be forwarded to LEIG and VCAA. 

Jackie distributed a copy of the Academy project annual report, and the Mentor Review dated 7/29/10.  The reviewer had raised questions about the perceived complexity of assessing a liberal education package that had 3-4 outcomes for each of 10 categories.  This comment was considered throughout the review of the sample assessment plan developed in the proposed template.  The proposed plan makes use of the assessment database which would collect the assessments and mappings, as well as a program developed by Jim Allert that would summarize data for multiple course assessments.  After extensive discussion of other possible models, and with significant concern over department reaction to the plan, Jackie agreed to consult with the HLC mentor, and either communicate information or call another meeting of CASL. 

No action was taken on the proposal.

Jackie Millslagle, recorder