Academic Administration

CASL - May 19, 2009

Present:  Geoff Bell, Sue Darge, Julie Ernst, Wayne Jesswein, Jackie Millslagle, Bilan Tasi,  Michelle Hatcher, Jerry Pepper, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund.  .        

Jackie distributed the draft of a flyer that presents the proposed goals and outcomes and pointed out the text at the bottom.  The ideas presented are found in Wehlberg, C. M., Promoting Integrated and Transformative Assessment.  Highlights of the book were circulated.  Those who have read the book find it helpful in thinking about the culture of assessment.  Members agreed to read the book over the summer so that everyone is familiar with language around transformative assessment and we can decide how to use the ideas to promote an assessment culture across campus. Jackie will order copies for circulation. 

Updated copies of the grid were distributed and discussed thoroughly.  Language suggestions were made to help clarify the purpose of the tool (emphasis on tool) and how to use it.  Each general learning outcome was discussed, and the introductory statement (dimension) for each set was determined.  In line with the idea that this list is designed to show the range of possibiities for outcomes, the issue of whether to include 'spiritual awareness' under Intrapersonal Development was again raised.  There was no consensus and in the end a vote was called:  5 in favor, 3 against, 1 abstaining.  The outcome statement will remain on the grid.  There was consensus to include 'effective communication' only under the goal of Relational Interdependence.  The grid will not be circulated until CASL reviews a final version in the fall. 

The agenda includes a list of academic programs that have submitted outcomes; associate deans were asked to follow up on those that have not been submitted. 

Jackie relayed some feedback received to the HLC Academy electronic network and reminded members they have passwords to access the network. 

An August 31 date was set for the first meeting of CASL for the 2009-10 academic year. 

The agenda included potential dates and ideas for an "Assessment Day" in September.  The group decided the 4th week would be better:  September 29 or 30.  Ideas for the day were shared, along with conversation about how to determine what professional development was required.  Jackie will take the ideas and work up plans for review in August. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder