Academic Administration

CASL - May 11, 2009

In attendance:  Geoff Bell, Sue Darge, Julie Ernst, Wayne Jesswein, Mary Keenan, Olaf Kuhlke, Jackie Millslagle, Bilan Tasi,  Michelle Hatcher.        

Bruce Munson and Jerry Pepper were out of town and unable to attend.

A correction to minutes from April 17 was noted; the group agreed to remove the verbiage “average student”; Jackie will review and amend the minutes.

After a review of goals and outcomes that came from the prior 3 meetings, there was consensus to approve the work and forward to EPC.  There was lengthy discussion on the grid that would serve as a working document for programs, including the difference between the CAS standards and the wording on the current grid.  Several formatting options were suggested to improve clarity and understanding:  It was noted this would be a working tool to assist programs to map to goals while not limiting the dimensions of the goals.  Concerns regarding a clear title and wording were also discussed.  Jackie will rework the grid with suggestions and review against the CAS standards. 

Jackie has made an inquiry to HLC on reporting requirements at the end of the first year of the academy.  A copy of the web site will be archived as documentation of progress. 

Jackie asked and members agreed to continue to serve on CASL for another year, noting the need to develop a rotation system; all members in attendance agreed to continue.

Gail Bier from IEO requested $1400 in grant funds for assessment instruments; no objections were raised if funds were still available. 

The date for Assessment Day in the fall was discussed at length.  It was readily agreed assessment should be separate from the vetting process for Liberal Education; emphasis should be on the big picture, as well as sessions to assist departments and faculty with specific tools to aid them in the assessment process.  The group felt the third or fourth week in September would be appropriate period

Jackie will follow-up with departments that have not submitted program outcomes.  The need for a minimum set of expectations to department heads was suggested.  It was noted that stronger support from the deans will be necessary in another year.  There were questions and discussion on measuring outcomes along with consultant choices and the need for careful review reference checks. 

Looking towards next year’s budget, Jackie has requested $21,600 for consulting and $10,000 for faculty/staff grants. 

The next meeting will take place Tuesday May 19th 1:00 - 3:00 in Kirby 311.

Respectfully submitted: Nancy Burley