Academic Administration

CASL - May 3, 2010

Present: Arden Weaver, Wayne Jesswin, Jerry Pepper, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund, Geoffrey Bell, John Schwetman, Michele Hatcher, Mary Keenan, Curtis Phillips, Shannon Godsey, and Janny Walker (representing Stan Burns).

Excused: Jackie Millslagle and Donn Branstrator

  1. Mary Keenan gave an update on the Liberal Education Outcomes work groups and the plan for the campus wide feedback process.  There will be two open forums and an online form for feedback that will be live on 7 May 2010, following development of the outcomes for The Fine Arts.  Geoff Bell complimented Mary on her excellent facilitation of the group he participated in.

  2. Review of the online template for reporting program outcomes results.  A question regarding the need for additional resources was added to the form and approved by the group with a recommendation for clarification.  It was suggested that the amount of time liaisons spend analyzing data and reporting results is tracked.

  3. Review of the charge and make-up of CASL—It was suggested that the language regarding the charge if CASL remain as is, as it reflects the developmental aspect of the group.  It was suggested that CASL membership be a minimum of two years, a student representative be included in the group, and the associate deans of each college continue to appoint new members as needed with liaisons given first consideration.

  4. Summer workshop update—Associate deans were provided with a list of liaisons and department heads that have not confirmed attendance at the summer assessment workshops.  Clarification is needed for payment to department heads.  A summary of a possible agenda was discussed.

  5. Future meetings—It was determined that CASL should meet approximately one week before the 16 June workshop, to review the agenda and discuss participation roles at the workshops.

Shannon Godsey, recorder