Academic Administration

CASL - Special Meeting, April 13, 2009

Present:  Arden Weaver, Wayne Jesswein, Julie Ernst, Bilin Tsai, Julie WEstlund, Jerry Pepper, Bruce Munson, Stan Burns, Geoff Bell. 

The purpose of this meeting was to review the proposed institutional outcomes and the work put forward by the Student Development Assessment Team (SDAT).

Some relevant points about how we got here:

Conversation started with review of the SDAT document that synthesized five learning outcome frameworks and the resulting proposed 6 knowledge domains as the framework for UMD Student Learning Outcomes.  CASL Members acknowledged the thorough research and analysis done by the Team and there was consensus to accept the proposed framework.

From there, using the SDAT handout on UMD Student Learning Outcomes, CASL discussed each current and proposed outcome.  Question posited but not answered:  Do we call these “Learning and Development Outcomes?”  Reiterated throughout the conversation – institutional outcomes will be met by a combination of academic program, liberal education program, and student life/development programs.  Not likely that a program by itself will map to all institutional outcomes. 

Domain #1.  Knowledge.  The conversation centered around works that would articulate both depth in a specialty field, and breadth of the liberal education program. 

Domain #2.  Thinking.  No change in the outcome in this domain. 

Domain #3.  Self-Realization.  The conversation centered around the word “spiritual” in the proposed new outcome statement.  No consensus was reached and the conversation will pick up at this point at the next meeting.  The current outcome statement was affirmed. 


Jackie Millslagle, Recorder