Academic Administration

CASL - April 13, 2010

Present:  Geoff Bell, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Stan Burns, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund, John Schwettman, Wayne Jesswein, Arden Weaver, Michelle Hatcher, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent/Excused:  Jerry Pepper, Curt Phillips, Donn Brandstetter.

Jackie reported on the Assessment Academy meeting prior to the HLC Annual Meeting.  The focus of the keynote was on connections between general learning and co-curricular.  Comments from visitors to the poster session were positive in terms of how much we have done, and our integrated outcomes.  Jackie will be completing our annual update for the Academy by April 21. 

The list of liberal education outcomes work groups was distributed.  Groups are posted on the assessment web page and announcement will go out immediately.  Mary and Shannon will then use Doodle to solicit schedules and set meeting times.  Julia Williams will conduct and train other conveners to use a consistent process for outcome development.  Once outcomes are determined, the groups will also be asked to map the category outcomes to the UMD institutional outcomes.  We also confirmed the decision at our last meeting that CASL's recommendation to the liberal education implementation group is that a department proposal for inclusion of a course in a specific category should describe how ALL outcomes for the category are met by the proposed course.  Groups will be directed to develop 2-4 outcomes in each category, and that outcomes would be stated in general enough terms that a wide variety of courses could meet the outcomes. 

After discussion, we agreed that the mechanism for feedback should be a survey that asks if there is general agreement with the outcomes of each category, with a comment field.  CASL will host two forums during the week of May 10 to describe the process, answer questions, and accept feedback.  Survey and forum feedback will be summarized and presented along with the outcomes to the LE implementation group. 

Shannon reviewed status of assessment plan submission.  She listed those programs that have not submitted Step 3 of the plan, and a list of programs that need to take some action in response to feedback before the plan will be posted.  Associate deans will be copied on all future communications about missing or incomplete plans. 

Jackie gave an update on summer workshops.  All deans and department heads will be invited as this is viewed as a professional development opportunity to promote ownership of student learning and assessment.  Goal is to have confirmation letters out by early next week. 

We have one more meeting scheduled on May 5 - we will have discussion about the need for one additional meeting after finals.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder