Academic Administration

CASL -- March 23, 2009

Present:  Jerry Pepper, Stan Burns, Olaf Kuhlke, Mary Keenan, Bilin Tsai, Arden Weaver, Bruce Munson, Geoff Bell, Michelle Hatcher, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle. 

General discussion on draft templates for the assessment plan and assessment report documents.  Programs will need to have an initial 3-year plan that demonstrates how all program outcomes will be assessed at least one in the next 3 academic years.  After this initial 3-year cycle, some flexibility of cycle length will be allowed. 

Jackie noted suggestions for the templates and will modify the drafts.  Members encouraged format and language that puts a limit on the length of the report (max 3 pages). 

Olaf posed the question of how we will approach student responsibility and participation in the assessment process.  Further discussion needed. 

Next meeting, April 6.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder