Academic Administration

CASL -- March 9, 2009

Present:  Jerry Pepper, Stan Burns, Julie Westlund, Olaf Kuhlke, Mary Keenan, Bilin Tsai, Arden Weaver, Bruce Munson, Geoff Bell, Jackie Millslagle.  Guest:  Paul Treuer.

Paul Treuer and Julie Westlund presented work to date on student development outcomes from the Student Development Assessment Team.  The group had identified Learning Reconsidered as the conceptual model and from that identified the student learning domains that were to be addressed.  From that, a list of descriptors (indicators of achievement) was started.  Individual student life and development programs would use the descriptors to help develop specific development learning outcomes that would be stated and measured by their programs.  This framework is already being shared with VASSL units. 

CASL again discussed the Program List and the question of what units/programs and the scope of assessment of student learning.  The question came back after communication between Bruce and Jackie about whether two services should be included on the list.  Jackie explained that following the last discussion about this issue, some clarifying language was added to the Program List page, but "service" functions were not removed from the List.  After discussion reiterating that our scope would be to assess programs that contribute to student learning (vs. program evaluation), Jackie agreed to clean up the list and add a statement that any unit or function not on the list could self-identify as contributing to student learning and we would track their assessment activity. 

Mary Keenan presented information about NSSE, including some results from the 2007 administration and a copy of the 2009 instrument.  UMD will register to partipate in the 2009 administration to a sample of new freshmen and seniors.  Jackie and Mary will discuss and recommend what analysis should be done on the results and how it can be efficiently distributed so that it can be used by all programs. 

Jackie circulated a packet of materials, including agenda and what's ahead; assessment plan template; assessment report template; one page of the LSBE assessment document; a draft document of more specific measurable outcomes for the proposed institutional objectives; and a draft document of outcomes for the proposed liberal education core.   Members were asked to review these documents for further discussion at the next meeting.  One question was around use of templates vs. if other formats would be accepted, especially from accredited programs (like LSBE).  There was also discussion of general review of outcomes, and if outside consultants should be used in this manner.  Jackie indicated she would confer with IDS staff and the Academy mentor. 

Next meeting, March 23.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder