Academic Administration

CASL - March 23, 2010

Present:  Jerry Pepper, Geoff Bell, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Stan Burns, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund, John Schwettman, Wayne Jesswein, Curt Phillips, Arden Weaver.

Absent/Excused:  Michelle Hatcher, Donn Brandstetter.

The entire meeting was spent discussing a process that would render learning outcomes for each liberal education category.  All agreed it was important to have the outcomes defined before departments begin to propose courses for liberal education credit.  Liberal Education (LE) contributes to campus outcomes and is considered a “program” with an assessment plan, although it is broader in scope than any other program, and multiple departments will be responsible for data collection.  Members reviewed a handout that included a proposed process, the liberal education categories, and criteria for each category taken from the LE task force report, but re-written as outcome statements. 

After much discussion, concensus was as follows:

1.  Survey faculty for volunteers for the ten working groups

2.  Each group would develop 2-4 outcomes for the LE category assigned.

3.  Jerry (co-chair of the LE implementation group) will carry the CASL recommendation to the LE implementation group that courses approved in each category be required to address all defined outcomes for the category. 

4.  Timeline

5.  Deans will be asked to "encourage" faculty to volunteer. 

6.  Agreed to size and composition of the groups, but recognized that some may be smaller if we don't get enough volunteers.

There is some ambiguity about how outcomes are officially approved.  The LE implementation group will be responsible for assuring that the learning outcomes complement the criteria established in the task force report. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder