Academic Administration

CASL - March 2, 2010

Present:  Jerry Pepper, Geoff Bell, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Stan Burns, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund, John Schwettman, Wayne Jesswein, Curt Phillips.

Absent/Excused:  Michelle Hatcher, Arden Weaver, Donn Brandstetter.

Jackie distributed a draft process for building assessment of liberal education into the implementation (of the new liberal education package) process.  During discussion, she asked for other ideas that should be taken to the implementation committee at a scheduled meeting on March 5. 

An update had been sent to assessment liaisons just prior to the meeting announcing dates for the summer workshops.  Shannon, Mary and Jackie reviewed ideas for 4 major parts of the day and asked for input.  The agenda will be further developed for more discussion at next meeting. 

Shannon and Julie announced that the prize money won for the assessment presentation at the UM Quality Fair will be used for a joint CASL/SDAT party following one of our next two meetings.  Date and place will be announced. 


Jackie Millslagle, recorder