Academic Administration

CASL -- February 23, 2009

Present:  Arden Weaver, Michelle Hatcher, Julie Westlund, Jerry Pepper, Geoff Bell, Bilin Tsai, Mary Keenan, Stan Burns, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle

Excused:  Bruce Munson, Wayne Jesswein, Olaf Kuhlke

Bruce Gildseth joined the Council to give an update on Retention Initiates.  (The former Retention Committee composed primarily of associate deans has been incorporated into CASL.)  Bruce explained that emphasis is currently on students who have 24-60 credits completed, and their commitment to and progress in the major.  Three of 4 students not retained are in this credit band.  Data is being examined and Bruce and Mary Keenan are researching best practices around persistence in the sophomore year.  Bruce asked for the name of a point person in each collegiate unit to work with him on potential solutions for this group. 

Council members discussed impressions of the workshops conducted by Barbara Walvoord.  Anecdotal feedback would indicate the sessions were well-received, especially by faculty and staff with limited exposure to assessment, or who felt over-whelmed by the process.  Members agreed that our focus should be to continue to stress the need to connect action items to program learning goals. 

We discussed whether to have programs report on work accomplished to date this year (picking up on Barbara's suggestion that two-hour meetings about assessment happen THIS SEMESTER.)  Jackie will prepare documents/process to lay out how we can present and share reports from the departments who are ready, while at the same time not pushing other departments too fast.  More discussion at the next meeting. 

Julie W. reported that she and Paul Treuer had shared with Barbara the work in progress on student development objectives and received a "good progress" affirmation.  Julie will present the objectives to CASL as soon as available. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder