Academic Administration

CASL - February 16, 2010

Present:  Michelle Hatcher, Jerry Pepper, Geoff Bell, Shannon Godsey, Mary Keenan, Stan Burns, Bruce Munson, Julie Westlund, John Schwettman.

Absent/Excused:  Arden Weaver, Curt Phillips, Donn Brandstetter, Wayne Jesswein.

Council members reviewed draft and provided feedback on the poster being prepared for the HLC Assessment Academy meeting; Jackie will attend. 

General discussion on what feedback programs are or should receive on assessment plans.  Consensus was that we owe programs as much feedback as possible before data collection starts this semester.  Considering resources, Jackie, Shannon and Mary will narrow the focus and look at any measures slated for Spring 2010 collection and give appropriate feedback. 

After noting in assessment plans that several CLA programs were planning to use ePortfolio, Jerry had sent an inquiry about when there would be more training available.  Members discussed when and what might be needed.  Consensus was to schedule general training and from that pull together programs with similar objectives for focused training. 

Mary gave an update on Advisor Connect and its use to promote NSSE.

Dates were set for summer assessment workshops:  June 16, July 14, August 18.  Jackie will announce.  A draft outline of the workshop will be prepared for next meeting. 

Jackie reviewed list of programs who had NOT submitted plans and asked associate deans to follow-up with liaisons. 

There was general discussion about whether to have an end-of-year event and several ideas emerged:  share plans and team poster; reports from conferences (Jim Allert, Jackie, Shannon); things learned already; celebration.  Jackie and team will consider and report back.

Jackie Millslagle, recorder