Academic Administration

CASL -- January 26, 2009

Present:  Olaf Kuhlke, Geoff Bell, Bilin Tsai, Stan Burns, Jerry Pepper, Michelle Hatcher, Julie Westlund, Wayne Jesswein, Bruce Munson, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused:  Arden Weaver, Mary Keenan.

Jackie provided updates and information items as follows:

  1. Vince and Jackie registered for HLC Annual Meeting and will attend the Assessment Academy Showcase.  A conversation with HLC staff confirmed that we do not need to present this year.

  2. UMD responses to Academy questions have been posted.  Mentors can now evaluate our plans and provide feedback.

  3. Approximately $7,000 remaining for grants for assessment related projects

  4. ePortfolio v. 5.3 is live and looks good.  Pilot programs will begin training Feb. 12.

  5. Encourage attendance at the Barbara Walvoord workshops, February 19-20. 

Assessment and Retention.  The Retention initiatives have been moved under Academic Administration and Mary Keenan is now reporting to the Jackie.  Mary and Jackie will coordinate retention and assessment activities to increase effectiveness and efficiency.  Mary will join CASL.

Voluntary System of Accountability.  Jackie explained that a final decision has not been made about participation in VSA; but there is strong encouragement from President Bruininks.

CASL funds partially funded Geoff's attendance at an AASCB Conference that focused on assessment.  He briefed the Council, but indicated he was willing to present to faculty with expanded information.  But for this group, he noted:

The Council discussed pros and cons of sponsoring a day in spring semester to provide opportunity for sharing from faculty/programs supported with our grant funds, as well as general progress reports on assessment planning.  Reservations were expressed on whether enough would be done to have meaningful presentations, and whether we would get attendance considering the number of events and activities typically planned during a spring semester; perhaps early fall would be better.  Jackie agreed to check room availability and draft ideas for an agenda as basis for another discussion at the next meeting. 

Next meeting is February 9, 10:00 a.m., Kirby 323. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder