Academic Administration

CASL - January 26, 2010

Present:  Arden Weaver, Wayne Jesswein, Geoff Bell, Shannon Godsey, Bruce Munson, Mary Keenan, Michelle Hatcher, John Schwetman, Stan Burns, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused:  Curt Philips, Jerry Pepper

Action on grant applications

  1. Paul Siders - $2,000 for purchase and administration of standardized exam for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.  Several questions were raised (Ask how this fits into assessment plan, how often the test will be used, and how it might be funded in the future; is there a deadline for ordering the exam.); Jackie will send the questions to Paul and email his responses for an electronic vote. 
  2. Shannon Godsey/Mark Mizuko, $2,000 for summer work analyzing results of portfolio assessments; work includes review of new ePortfolio assessment tools.  Motion/second/CARRIED.
  3. Jim Allert, $1,038 for attendance at RosEvaluation Conference where he will present.  Motion to approve with stipulation that he attend and report on other assessment sessions at the conference/second.  CARRIED.  Members suggested Jim be asked to present his study on campus.
  4. John Schwetman, $1,250 for department retreat for assessing writing papers ($250 refreshments; $1,000 labor for preparation.)  Motion/second to approve pending college signature./CARRIED.

 Julie Westlund reported on UMD follow-up of graduates. 

For many years, Career Services has done follow-up of graduates and reported in paper and on the web site.  Target is 80+% response rate; reports numbers employed, in continuing education, and unemployed.  Currently collecting data on 08-09 grads; so far about 55% employed.  Statistics by major, average salaries, where students were placed, job title, company, and any other information secured.  Self-report relevance of job to the major.  Online survey, followed up with email and ultimately phone contact.  Career Services will contact departments on occasion to get contact information.  Reporting full-time placements only. 

This year, questions have been added to the survey related to internships, were they offered a position as result of internship, have they studied abroad. 

After general discussion about the use of the follow-up for assessment, Council agreed to link to the report from assessment web pages, inform liaisons of the data, and encourage liaisons to contact Julie to discuss how it might be used for assessment. 

Plan submissions.  To date, only 11 programs have submitted complete assessment plans.  Jackie will be sending an update and reminder to liaisons (including that Shannon and Mary are available to assist), but associate deans asked to encourage programs. 

Mary reported on planning for 2010 NSSE. 

NSSE cuts across assessment and retention topics.  From assessment point of view, there are questions that can be mapped to attainment of outcomes; Mary circulated the mapping which is also available from assessment web pages.  NSSE represents an indirect measure; encourage programs to use NSSE if possible rather than develop a program specific survey.  Mary explained the steps taken to increase participation in the survey. 

Report template.   The template for the annual report was reviewed and some changes made.  Shannon will provide a sample completion and both will be posted to the web pages.  Jackie’s update to the liaisons will call attention to the posting.  Jackie also reviewed conversations in progress around development of an assessment database; one aspect would be ability for online submission of the reports with information loaded directly to the database. 

Assessment budget.  Current assessment budget was reviewed.  For 2010-11, CASL recommends increases in funds for assessment grants and for consultants.


Jackie, Recorder