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MyGuide Will Return Fall 2018

MyGuide is a student-created visit program that puts the campus visit experience in your hands! This program provides you - the student - the opportunity to choose your tour guide and explore UMD in a more personalized way. The MyGuide experience can include an optional one-on-one meeting with an Admissions Counselor.

MyGuide campus tours are available Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Learn more about each tour guide below and to view their availability.


Kody C.

Major: Engineering
Hometown: Horace, ND
Year at UMD: Sophomore

    Favorite Class at UMD: Science vs. Pseudo-Science

    Hobbies: Hiking, hockey, and laying in a hammock, 

    Clubs: Run Club, Engineering Club

    Why UMD: I love the large college feel with the small university atmosphere.

    Click here to see Kody's tour availability

    Andrew W

    Andrew W.

    Major: Entrepreneurship/Organizational Management
    Hometown: Plainview, MN
    Year at UMD: Junior

    Favorite Class at UMD: Pep-Band or Jazz Studies

    Hobbies: Playing music, theatre, and watching movies

    Clubs: Newman Center, Lettuce Club, Athletic Bands

    Why UMD: I wanted a small college feel with a ton of possibilities, and I wanted a college where I could be more than a number.

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    Katherine K.

    Major: Undeclared
    Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
    Year at UMD: Freshman

    Favorite Class at UMD: Argumentation and Debate

    Hobbies: Reading, writing, and getting outdoors

    Clubs: Writing Club, SERVE (Students Engaged in Rewarding Volunteer Experiences), League of Film Critics

    Why UMD: I love the location! UMD is in a city, but you can still see the lake no matter where you are on campus.

    Click here to see Katherine's tour availability


    Mary L.

    Major: Teaching Life Science
    Hometown: Otsego, MN
    Year at UMD: Junior

    Favorite Class at UMD: Genetics

    Hobbies: Shopping, kayaking, and watching movies

    What Keeps Me Busy: Resident Adviser at BlueStone, volunteer through the Duluth Public Schools

    Why UMD: I love UMD's small town feeling; walking down these halls you can smile and say hi to everyone. The students, faculty, and staff are all so welcoming and really give UMD its great personality.

    Click here to see Mary's tour availability

    Andrew L

    Andrew L.

    Major: Criminology/Sociology
    Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN
    Year at UMD: Senior

    Favorite Class at UMD: Deviance; Race, Crime & Justice

    Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, playing with my dogs, and traveling!

    Clubs: Criminology/Sociology Club

    Why UMD: The professors in my department. They truly love their jobs and are so willing to go out of their way to give you the help you need to succeed in their classes.

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