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Visit Campus

Call (218) 726-7171 or email our office to set up an individual and personalized transfer meeting with our Transfer Coordinator.

Transfer visit programs include a presentation from our Transfer Coordinator outlining transfer specific information about UMD and a general campus tour. Also, students can consult with transfer staff after the campus tour to address individual questions.

Transfer Visit Dates:

Transfer Scholarships

The following scholarship programs honor entering transfer students for their accomplishments and recognize the gifts and potential they bring to the UMD community.

Name Award Criteria
UMD Scholarship Up to $2,000 over 2 years 3.6 transfer GPA from previous post-secondary institution(s).
Dependent upon RaiseMe portfolio 3.5 transfer GPA from Community/Technical College(s) and a completed RaiseMe portfolio.

Students must have an application for admission submitted by October 15 for Spring consideration, and June 15 for Fall consideration. For students with less than 26 transfer credits, award criteria requires a 3.6 high school GPA and a 26+ ACT score in addition to the 3.6 transfer GPA. The RaiseMe Scholarship requires 26 transfer credits. Students who hold a Bachelor's degree are not eligible for scholarship consideration.

RaiseMe is a micro-scholarship platform rewarding 2-year transfer students for their achievements. UMD assigns a micro-scholarship for every achievement. For example, when you earn an A in a 100-level course you'll earn $10, take a full course load (12 credits) in a semester and earn $50, and visit campus you'll earn $100. The idea is to award scholarship dollars with the factors and habits we know will make you a more successful student. RaiseMe also benefits students in that we award scholarships based on a transfer GPA at a minimum of a 3.5.

To be eligible students must apply for admission and have a complete RaiseMe profile by June 15 for Fall semester and October 15 for spring semester and is contingent on a student's acceptance and enrollment to UMD.

Renewal of admissions merit/alumni scholarships are contingent upon maintenance of a 3.0 University of Minnesota cumulative GPA, maintenance of full-time undergraduate status, and successful completion of 30 credits annually.