Sexual Assault Protocol

University of Minnesota Policy Statement

As a University and as a community we strive to assure the safety and to respect the dignity of each student, staff and faculty member. Sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking are prohibited at the University. Sexual assault and relationship violence, including threats of sexual assault and related relationship violence, are attacks not only on a person's body, but also on the person's dignity, and are not tolerated. To foster a community free from sexual assault and relationship violence, the University provides reporting options for responding, including the police department; victim/survivor assistance; internal mechanisms for discipline and dispute resolution; prevention training; and other related services.

The University of Minnesota Duluth strives to assure the safety of their students, faculty, and staff in fostering a community free from violence.

Retaliation Will Not Be Tolerated

No one shall retaliate against individuals who acted in good faith in reporting or providing information about suspected or alleged misconduct. When a complaint has been brought in good faith, even if mistakenly, the University will provide appropriate support to the reporting employee. Individuals who provide information to assist in resolving of a complaint are also protected.

It is strictly prohibited to retaliate against any individual involved in the reporting of a sexual assault (e.g., victim/survivor, witnesses). This includes by any means; for example, in person, phone, text messaging, e-mail, or posting on internet. Individuals engaging in acts of retaliation are disciplined according to the appropriate University policies or applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Report any retaliation to the UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity at 218-726-6827 (faculty and staff) or the Office of Student Conduct at 218-726-7255 or (students).

Definition of Sexual Assault

Actual, attempted or threatened sexual contact with another person without that person's consent. Sexual assault often is a criminal act that can be prosecuted under Minnesota state law, as well as under the Student Conduct Code and employee discipline procedures.

Addressing Sexual Assault

Through the Sexual Assault Response Protocol, the University seeks to provide a consistent, caring, and timely response when sexual assault occurs within the University community. Support and information are available to assist the UMD community and are outlined in this document.  In addition, educational programs addressing rape and sexual assault take place on campus throughout the year.

This document or a web link to it can be found on various UMD web sites: Counseling Services-UMD Health Services, UMD Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity, UMD Office of Student Conduct, Women’s Resource and Action Center, etc.

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