UMD Department of Theatre

The film studies minor provides an interdisciplinary approach to film, exploring the medium through practical, historical and social contexts. Required courses in the minor give students an understanding of the art of filmmaking, a history of film and how film connects to society. Electives in the minor offer students the opportunity to focus on more specific aspects of film ranging from film genres to photography to screenwriting.

Minor in Film Studies

TH 1051*- Introduction to Film (3)

TH 2851 - Film History (3)

TH 1053 - Film and Society (3)

Elective Courses (9)

Select one (1) from:

ART 1605* - Fundamentals of Photography (3)

ART 1607* - Freshman Seminar: Fundamentals of Photography (3)

ART 2040 - Creating Visual Narratives (3)

Select two (2) from:

ENGL 4292 - Literature Into Film (4)

FR 2315* - French Cinema (4)

TH 3851 - Screenwriting (3)

WS 3400 - Women and Film (3)

FA 2595 - Special Topics: (Various Titles to be Assigned) (3)

*Courses that may be used to fulfill UMD Liberal Education
program requirements.

Minor in Film Studies

(18-20 credits)