UMD Department of Theatre

Each Sophomore and Junior B.F.A. Design/Technology and Stage Management student must have their class/production work juried at the end of each year. This jury consists of a portfolio display and a 20-minute feedback session and is designed to assess and critique the progress of the BFA student in the B.F.A. Design/Technology and Stage Management program. The criteria below is used to determine a candidates production responsibilities and retention in the B.F.A. Design/Technology and Stage Management program.

Juried Criteria:

Classwork, production work, design skills, technical skills, health and safety, attitude, self-discipline, time management, ability to accept and act on criticism and new ideas, dedication/drive and portfolio display and content.

Portfolio & Jury Requirements:

1. All BFA portfolios and juries will be set up in MPACs upper lobby.

2. Each student is designated a space to display their portfolio. It will include a 4' x 8' vertical piece of foam and a standard size table.

3. Your portfolio display set-up time is from 9 am-12 pm. Time may vary depending on location.

4. The UMD Theatre Department Faculty and Staff review your work in the morning.

5. You must sign up for a 20-minute jury feedback session.

6. Your portfolio will stay on display throughout the weekend for a public viewing. You may strike it after the viewing.

Portfolio Display Requirements:

1. Include work that represents you as a theatrical artist.

2. Include classwork, photos and paperwork for productions. Also include craft, drafting, drawing and artwork.

3. Show your full process for all projects you are displaying.

4. Don't worry if you lack examples - show us the best work you have.

5. All work must be neatly presented with project name, your name and course title.

6. Be prepared with everything needed to display/affix the contents of your portfolio to the given surfaces-bring your own pins, tape, labels, etc.

7. This is a portfolio exhibit; your work must be professionally and artistically presented.

BFA Jury Process

Jury process guidelines for BFA Design Tech & Stage Management emphasis