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2012 Summer Institute Videos and Resources

Monday, July 23rd

Taking Another Look at Child Welfare: Why ICWA Should be Best Practice

Judge William Thorn

Video           Powerpoint

Truth Healing Reconciliation: The Adoption Era

Sandy White Hawk

Video          Powerpoint

Tuesday, July 24th

Traditional Anishinaabe Caregiving

Larry Jourdain

Video 1          Video 2          Powerpoint 1         Powerpoint 2   

The Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota



Wednesday, July 25th

Panel Discussion

Adrian, Liberty, Lila George

Best Practices in American Indian Child Welfare: Tell Our Story

Ryan Champagne

Video          Powerpoint

The Media and Indian Child Welfare: Telling Our Story

Sarah Kastelic

Video          Powerpoint



2011 Summer Institute Videos and Resources

Monday, July 25th

Addressing Disparities Through Tribal Practices

Terry Cross

Video  (Powerpoint)

Permanency in Indian Child Welfare

Terry Cross

Video 1 (Powerpoint)    Video 2  (Powerpoint)

Tuesday, July 26th

Social Work the Traditional Anishinaabe Way

Larry Jourdain

Video 1          Video 2  ( Powerpoint)     Video 3  (Powerpoint)

Data Collection and Reporting in Indian Child Welfare

Sheri Reimers, Paul Minehart, George McCauley


American Indian Child Welfare Systems Advocacy

Kim Mammedaty, Paula Woods

Video 1 (Powerpoint)         Video 2 

Wednesday, July 27th

Panel Discussion on Promising Tribal Practices

Ryan Champagne, Earl Robinson, Nakina Mills

Leech Lake         Video    (Powerpoint)

Mille Lacs           Video    (Powerpoint)

LOWO                Video    (Powerpoint)


2010 Summer Institute Videos and Resources

Monday, July 19th

American Indian Child Welfare and the Impact of Substance Abuse

Sonny Smart

Video  (Powerpoint)

American Indian Culture as a Protective Factor

Sonny Smart

Video 1 (Powerpoint)


Michael Dahl


Current Issue: Drug Affected Babies

Heather Weaver


Tuesday, July 20th

Tribal Leadership and Child Welfare

Irene Auginuash

Video  ( Powerpoint)

Current Indian Child Welfare Legal Issues

Andrew Small

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3 - Video 4

Wednesday, July 21st

Raising Healthy American Indian Children from a Traditional Perspective

Larry Jourdain

Video 1 (Powerpoint)         Video 2 

Current Issues: Guardian ad litem in Indian Child Welfare

Heidi Drobnick


Wednesday, July 22nd
Update on Fostering Connections and Title IV-E

Terry Cross


Closing Presentation

Terry Cross

Video 1 (Powerpoint)



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