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Currently, UMD boasts a 50% recycling rate (the amount of waste recycled, compared to total waste generated).  Efforts by everyone on campus to increase recycling, collect compost, and reduce waste will help us achieve even greater reductions.  In fact, as part of a commitment to reduce campus emissions, the UMD Energy Action Plan outlines goals for UMD in waste reduction and recycling.


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How to COMPOST at UMD  

There are also ways you can help REDUCE waste at UMD 

Mini Trash Bins in Individual Offices

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By the end of the 2014-2015 academic year, staff and faculty in individual offices at UMD will be in charge of sorting trash and recycling into central containers within an office suite or area.  Individual offices will no longer be serviced for trash and recycling. This change allows Custodial Services more time to prioritize public and student spaces on campus, including adding recycling bins in many classrooms that previously did not have recycling.

The overall goal of this operational change is to reduce the amount of waste going into the landfill and increase recycling rates.  In fact, the most immediate change will be saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bags from the landfill that used to line office trash bins (and just over $5,000 in purchasing costs!)

Read more about this switch to create Less Waste.  Special thanks to UMD Dining Services for providing the re-used/recycled mini-trash cans for the effort, and to MPIRG-UMD for helping “sticker” our new, re-used bins!

Watch this space for updates or email recycling@d.umn.edu if you want to get started with your mini trash-bin today!

Campus Cleanups

Over the winter, waste tends to accumulate on the UMD campus as it is covered by the snow before it can be removed. This results in complaints from neighbors around the campus who know just how beautiful the UMD campus can be.  In Spring 2013, over 80 students volunteered during one clean-up day to pick up litter!

The UMD Sustainability Office hosts fall and spring campus cleanups and is always looking for volunteers! This is a great opportunity for any student, faculty, staff, or class to get involved in the campus community.  Contact sustain@d.umn.edu for more information.

Quick Contacts

  • To request a recycling bin, please recycling@d.umn.edu or call x8262.
  • If you would like to get yourself or a class involved in campus cleanups, contact the Sustainability Office at sustain@d.umn.edu