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Health & Safety

Your safety is very important to us.

The safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff participating in study abroad programs are of the highest importance. All students participating in a UMD program take part in a pre-departure orientation provided by the UMD Study Abroad office, where safety and health issues are covered. The UMD Study Abroad office receives regular updates from U.S. government advisories, including those of the U.S. State Department and those issued by in-country embassies. In addition to these health and safety pages, please review the University-wide resources on Safety Abroad, including incident data.

While no organization or institution can guarantee the safety of participants, awareness alone can significantly reduce risks. Ultimately, all students are responsible for their own safety and security. Be sure to carefully read the information, advice, and resources provided. In response to the concern for the well-being of the students, the University of Minnesota has developed policies and procedures related to study abroad opportunities. These require all students studying abroad to complete a Release and Waiver from the Office of the General Counsel. Students are required to have international insurance coverage provided by the university through Cultural Insurance Services International.

Additional Resources

Sexual Assault Resources & Support

Sexual assault can happen anytime and anywhere. We hope that you never experience an incident of sexual assault, but there are a number of local recourses for confidential help and support:

Additional program health and safety information is available at GO SAFE.

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