Exchange Costs & Insurance

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Exchange Costs & Insurance

Cost Estimates

As an exchange student attending UMD, you do not pay tuition. This is due to the official agreement between your university and UMD.

However, you are responsible for housing and other expenses. Depending on which courses you choose, you could also be charged course fees. Here is an estimated cost of attendance at UMD based on the UMD Financial Aid Office, effective 2015–16:

Expense ItemsEstimated Amount per Semester
Housing & Meals$3,605
Books & Supplies$600
Transportation (after arrival)$184
U.S. Visa Fees$360 (You may also incur transportation costs for travel to the nearest US Embassy consulate for your visa interview)
Personal Expenses$1,000
University of Minnesota Insurance$1,050

* All costs listed are subject to change.


As an exchange student, you may be charged additional fees for specific courses, for example, MU 1312: Voice Non-Major (voice lessons). Class fees can be viewed here. Fees are listed by the course designator (e.g. MU = Music). The only course fee covered for all by the UMD Study Abroad office is for COMM 2929: Intercultural Communication. Other course fees are only covered if they pertain to your degree.

UMD Study Abroad covers the collegiate and student services fees for exchange students. This includes access to Health Services and the Fitness Center, both are located on campus. Exchange students do not pay student services fees at UMD due to the short duration of your study. Therefore, some services may not be available to you. View billing dates and payment information for more information.

Health Care

The University of Minnesota mandates that all international students enroll in the Student Health Benefit Plan. You will be required to pay for any medical costs not covered by insurance.

As an international exchange student, you may elect to enroll in the voluntary dental plan. This is an out-of-pocket cost to you that will be billed to your UMD OneStop account following the payment schedule.