Cosponsor & Affiliate Program Costs

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Cosponsored & Affiliate Program Cost Information

Due to the wide range of cosponsored and affiliate programs, and their varying costs, we do not list each program cost individually. To determine the overall cosponsored and affiliate program cost, reference their respective webpages for cost information and then use this formula to calculate a final cost. (Note: the cosponsor discount does not apply to short-term summer/affiliate, or non-cosponsored programs.) 

Affiliate Billing Formula

Your UMD student account will be charged the following for cosponsored and affiliate short-term or semester programs: 

  • $50 Non-refundable UMD Application Fee (billed upon submission of your UMD application)
  • $400 Non-refundable Confirmation Deposit (applied towards the program fee, billed upon submission of the UMD Confirmation of Participation Form)
  • The following is charged to your UMD student account according to UMD billing dates:
    • $33/Month CISI Insurance
    • $72 semester OR $18 short-term program ITSS email/internet access fee
    • $1,750 Study Abroad Fee
    • Affiliate Program Cost (visit the affiliate website for their cost information)
    • Housing may be included (visit the affiliate website as programs vary)

Non-Affiliate Programs

Review these implications affecting participation in non-affiliated study abroad programs. See a study abroad program coordinator to determine non-affiliate program costs.