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Study Abroad Billing

When participating in UMD or affiliate programs, most study abroad program costs are billed to your UMD student account. If you have questions about where charges are billed, please refer to your program webpage for details or contact the Study Abroad office.

UMD Semester or Year Programs
If you're participating in a UMD semester or year program, you'll see the program fee appear on your UMD student account. Billing for host institution fees and housing costs vary for each program. 

UMD Co-Sponsored or Affiliate Programs
If you're participating in an affiliate program, you will see the affiliate's standard application and program fees appear on your UMD account. However, your affiliate provider will bill you directly for housing deposits or upgrade costs (such as single-room housing or optional tours).

UMD Faculty-Led Short Term Programs 
If you're participating in a UMD faculty-led program, you will see all program fees appear on your UMD student account.

Estimated out-of-pocket costs
Note: estimated out-of-pocket costs aren't billed to your student account. These estimated costs (such as airfare, personal expenses, books etc.) are costs that you'll pay before and during the course of your program. We provide these estimated out-of-pocket costs so you can compare program pricing and think about your budget. See individual program webpages for the breakdown of program fees and estimated out-of-pocket costs.

UMD Tuition & Billing

Tuition Banding 
Credits taken on study abroad programs cannot be used in tuition banding. Tuition banding is the UMD cost structure that allows full-time undergraduate students to pay a flat tuition rate based on a 13-credit course load. Fall or Spring semester credits taken beyond the 13-credit load are tuition free. Unfortunately, study abroad credits cannot be used.

Study Abroad Programs 
UMD tuition is waived if you participate in a study abroad program. When your account is billed, you'll see study abroad program costs instead of UMD's tuition and fees on your account. Some exclusions apply.

International Student Teaching  
If you participate in an International Student Teaching experience, you'll be billed for study abroad program costs in addition to UMD's tuition and fees for any credits taken on-campus at UMD. Note that tuition banding cannot apply. 

UMD courses in addition to courses abroad 
If you enroll in any UMD online or on-campus course(s), in addition to your study abroad program courses, you'll be charged both UMD tuition rates and fees in addition to the study abroad program costs.

Billing Dates 

All study abroad charges fall under the policies of UMD One Stop, what and when to pay

UMD Study Abroad Application Fee 
A $50 non-refundable application fee will be billed to your student account upon submission of your online application.

Study Abroad Deposit 
A $400 non-refundable deposit will be billed to your student account upon submission of the Confirmation of Participation form. This deposit will be applied towards the program fee. If your study abroad program takes place in the next tax year, the deposit will be billed after January 1st. 

Study Abroad Program Fee 
The study abroad program fee (less the deposit) for all UMD and affiliate programs will be billed to your student account according to the UMD billing schedule, prior to the start of each semester. Winter Session programs are posted with Spring semester billing. May Session programs are posted with Summer session billing. See the program webpages for specific program fees. The program fee will be shown on your student bill, broken down into categories (see the last section below). 

Non-affiliate Study Abroad Processing Fee 
If participating in a non-affiliate program, the following will be billed to your UMD student account according to the UMD billing schedule: 

  • A $500 non-refundable non-affiliate processing fee
  • $72/semester ITSS email/internet access fee or an $18 fee for programs with fewer than 6 credits
  • $33/month international health, security, and travel insurance cost 

Study Abroad Program Fee Billing Categories

On your student bill, you'll see the study abroad program fee broken down into several categories for individual U.S. tax purposes. This study abroad program fee consists of the total sum of the categories listed below. The educational portions of the study abroad program are 1098-T tax-deductible. The non-educational portions are not tax deductible. Some of the categories you may see within the study abroad program fee are:

  • Deposit (1098-T) - $400 program down payment applied to the educational portion of the program fee
  • Program Fee (1098-T) - Educational portion of the program fee (tuition, faculty, course materials, etc.) less the deposit
  • Expense Fee (Non 1098-T) - Non-educational portion of the program fee (travel, meals, lodging, etc.)
  • International Insurance (Non 1098-T) - Required international health, travel, & security insurance
  • Misc (1098-T) - Additional educational costs from the affiliate provider or credits for affiliate scholarships
  • Misc (Non 1098-T) - Additional non-educational costs from the affiliate provider that may include lodging if it's not included with the expense fee or credits for affiliate discounts
  • Study Abroad Processing Fee (Non 1098-T) - Non-affiliate study abroad program fee