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Short-term Programs

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Leading a program abroad is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Successful international short-term programs are a result of a collaborative effort between the program leader, the Study Abroad office, UMD’s various colleges and their respective departments and the wider university. More and more, students are choosing short-term programs as a way to incorporate study abroad into their curriculum without altering their graduation goal.

Our staff will assist you in planning a short-term program abroad. We will discuss and help you with the following when developing your program:

  • Budgeting
  • Location
  • Working with providers
  • Orientation
  • Student Selection Process
  • Marketing (web, digital & print) 
  • Program Agreement & Budget Form
  • Student’s Application through Confirmation (Includes: Release & Waiver, Online Orientation, Registration Agreement, Health Information, Emergency Contact, Confirmation of Participation)
  • Proposal for Special Credit Registration
  • Student Billing
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid Processing
  • Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact
  • General Handbook
  • Online Health & Safety Orientation
  • Post-Program Evaluation

Develop a short-term program with our office

  1. Review our Short-term Program Leader Handbook
  2. Review the Program Leader Checklist to facilitate timely proposal and promotion of your program
  3. Discuss your program idea with the Study Abroad office
  4. Choose a provider you to partner with (details below)
  5. Complete the Short-term Program Proposal and submit by Nov. 1st. (New Proposal Form coming soon...)

Program approval is competitive as space is limited. Repeat programs must complete the entire proposal each year.

Affiliate Providers

Faculty leading short-term programs abroad are encouraged to partner with an affiliate to help develop and manage your program. Not only do affiliates provide onsite services and logistical arrangements but more importantly, invaluable risk management support. Explore custom options from each affiliate:

Provider Criteria

Providers should be chosen based on appropriate criteria, including:

  • Knowledge of and experience in the countries or parts of countries to be visited
  • Expertise in the academic field of the proposed course or activity
  • Reputation as evidenced by recommendations of other educational institutions who have used their services
  • Understanding of U.S. safety protocols and ability to provide guidance to participants on safety and security issues
  • Transparency in financial arrangements with the campus and disclosure of relationships with campus staff to avoid conflicts of interests and ethics violations
  • Cost, recognizing that factors such as experience, expertise, and the provision of appropriate lodging, meals, safe transportation, etc., are often more important than lower cost