Department Managed Short-term Program

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Department Managed Short-term Program

Microbiology in Poland

Leading a program abroad is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Successful international programs are a result of a collaborative effort between the program leader, the Study Abroad office, UMD’s various colleges and their respective departments and the wider university. More and more, students are choosing short-term programs as a way to incorporate study abroad into their curriculum without altering their graduation goal.

Study Abroad staff is available to assist you plan a program abroad. Department managed programs provide your department the ability to fully manage program logistics and finances. Revenues and losses are the responsibility of the department. Students pay an application fee—plus a placement, advising and administrative cost is included in the program fee set by the department.

Your department assumes ownership of the program and is responsible for:

  • Advising
  • Marketing (web, digital & print)
  • Foreign University Agreements
  • Program Budget
  • Program Payment Processing
  • Faculty Appointments & Hiring
  • Travel Authorizations
  • Cash Advances & Expense Reports 

Our Study Abroad staff provides the required University of Minnesota items:

  • Program Agreement & Budget form
  • Student’s Application through Confirmation (Includes: Release & Waiver, Online Orientation, Registration Agreement, Health Information, Emergency Contact, Confirmation of Participation)
  • Proposal for Special Credit Registration
  • Student Billing
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid Processing
  • Insurance
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact
  • General Handbook
  • Online Health & Safety Orientation
  • Post-Program Evaluation

How to develop a departmental short-term program

  1. Review our Collegiate / Departmental Handbook
  2. Meet with our office to facilitate a timely proposal and discuss promotion of your program
  3. Discuss your program idea with our office
  4. Consider using a UMD affiliate provider (details below)
  5. Complete & submit
    1. Departmental Short-Term Study Abroad Program Agreement
    2. Departmental Budget Template 

Affiliate Providers
You are strongly encouraged to partner with one of our affiliates. Not only do they provide onsite services and logistical arrangements but more importantly invaluable risk management support. Explore custom options from each affiliate: