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We have programs available for every major in locations all over the globe! Use the advance search option to look for programs by major, housing, term etc.

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  • Use the application information at the bottom of each respective program web page to apply. 

  • Affiliate program application instructions can be found here. Not sure of your program type? Check out our program types page.

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After you apply

  1. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to your application checklist
  2. Follow instructions for submitting your checklist items on time
  3. Your UMD study abroad program coordinator will review your application and monitor the progress of your checklist
  4. Your program coordinator (or short-term program leader) will confirm your acceptance
  5. Once accepted, you must complete a confirmation checklist to confirm your participation
  6. Once we receive your confirmation, your account will be billed

If you decide to cancel, you must log in to the application system and submit a “Cancel Request.”

What do I need to include with my application?

All required items will be listed on your application checklist and can be uploaded to your online application. You may also hand in a hard copy to our office and we’ll scan and upload it for you.

Typically a personal statement and any non-UMN transcripts will need to be included. Check with your specific program if you need an “official” transcript.

Can I complete more than one application?

Yes! You can apply to multiple programs for the same term or different programs for different terms and you may also indicate priority. Note that you’ll be charged non-refundable $50 application fee for each application, as well as any additional fees, that Co-sponsored programs may have.